About me?
I'm blushing.

I’m a product designer at Jut helping people make better decisions with data. Before coming to Jut, I worked as a UX designer for Yahoo! Finance after having worked as a full time design researcher with Yahoo!'s larger research team. I've also taught a General Assembly Class on Research + Strategy and ongoing courses in UX and visual design at the Academy of Arts University.

Before coming to the Bay Area, I studied design research and interaction design at the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago and worked on my MBA at the Stuart School of Business. When not dorking out on design, you can find me noodling around in a sketchbook and playing bad hip hop covers on my Casio keyboard. You can check out all of those details here on Linked In.

I made a list of restaurants in SF with drawing paper on their tables.
Want to talk? Pick out a place and we'll talk shop :)