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I helped develop the research plan for and participated in the Hong Kong Polytechnic's I.Do summer workshop, working to help southeast China adapt to their changing age demographic. While I was able to participate in the workshop itself, my greatest contribution was in the development of a research databasing tool.

While working with our team of designers we ran into a couple key insights. While many of the elderly lived within kilometers of their family, they often felt like a burden on their families and visits from their children became a weekly chore. We also realized there was a major challenge in dealing with the vastly different schedules between the massive generation of retirees and the smaller generation of youth that must care for them.

Framework Development

HK Polytech took the perspective that, if students are conducting robust research, this research should be built upon year after year by successive generations. The purpose of our tool was to create an easily accessible database that was also approachable for students that were new to design research.

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