I believe in understanding users and their stories and I believe that these stories lay at the heart of every great product.

I believe we learn through making and building things helps us understand our ideas and articulate our vision of the future.

I believe a shared understanding is the foundation of a great team and this shared understanding is what leads teams to do great work.


PRODUCT DESIGN, 2016 - Present

At Therachat, I guided our team through 6 months of design sprints, helped us find a new product direction, and am leading the design of our mobile and webapps from the ground up.

Sajid is an exceptionally talented designer. He actually can do it all; he has top notch interaction and visual design skills, a passion for user research, a mind for strategy and a curiosity that keeps him aware of the latest design trends and standards.


PRODUCT DESIGN, 2014 - 2015

At Jut I launched apps and introduced a team to user centered design.

Sajid collaborates brilliantly with product and development teams to produce beautiful and high-impact designs. He knows how to place himself at the center the user's perspective and always seems to strike a good balance between user research and gut instincts.

Yahoo! Research

Design Research 2011 - 2013

As a researcher, I led Yahoo! media teams through ethnographic research, prototyping of initial concepts, and evaluating of prototypes with rapid usability sessions.

See Work

Sajid led the meaningful video project which set a new precedent for front end design research and innovation. It's success became a catalyst for a new way of working.

Studio for Design Research


Working in Hong Kong, I led the development of a tool to help the design community collect and share insights.


Concept Exploration, 2009

Developing a user centered approach to product design has allowed me to use my free time to do end to end explorations with colleagues.